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    Open top are coco peat slabs of different sizes which can give expanded volumes from 6 lts to 30 lts.

    These slabs could be 100% peat or of any combination with Husk chips, cut fiber, perlite, dolomite and neem cake etc..,

    Slabs are used in a UV polybags which are open on the top side. These bags are normally white in outer and black is inner side .Drain holes are made on the bottom of the UV poly bags according to the plants grown & to buyer’s need.

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  • Easy for Installation
  • Root disease from one plant will not spread to another.
  • Each plant can be fed and controlled well.
  • Used for vegetables, blue berries, nurseries, manjuvana etc.,
  • These slabs can be regular (unwashed), washed or buffered.