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    Coco Peat Grow Bags offer a convenient and eco-friendly solution for horticultural practices, providing a sustainable alternative to traditional soil-based cultivation methods.Coco peat grow bags are slabs of different sizes as given below in cms.

    Size 1 Size 2 Size 3
    120X15Xht 120X18Xht 120X20Xht
    100X15Xht 100X18Xht 100X20Xht
    90X15Xht 90X18Xht 90X20Xht

    These are expanded sizes. The height of the slabs can very according to the buyers need. These slabs can be of 100% coco peat or combination of coco peat, husk chips, perlite, dolomite, neem cake etc… Example 70:30, 60:40 & 50:50 etc..,

    Raw material used in these processes could be High EC & Low Ec which again depends on customers need.

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  • Fines are removed in screening process to get better hydration volume.
  • Fibers (cut fiber) improve water circulation & also drains the excess water out easily, which gives better root colonization.
  • Hush chips are mixed with coco peat to give better supply of oxygen to the roots.
  • Slabs with UV bags can be easily transported and k in stock for months before hydrating the UV bags in green houses.
  • These grow slabs can also be stacked in pallets without any UV Polybags which depends on Customer's need.
  • The grow slabs can be cut in length wise to from small slabs of measurements from 35cm to 50cm (where the no of plants grown will be less in these cut slabs).
  • The load ability will change with selection of slab size and it can be given according to buyer's need during the time of enquiry. Approx. 1200 kgs per pallet can be met.