Our Facility

Having more than 3 decades of experience in this field, we ULTIMATE COCOS always try to install the best infrastructure for manufacturing our various coir and allied products. As we are situated in the heart of ANAIMALAI hills (western gates) where the coconuts are known for their sizes and quality, we get enough numbers daily for our processing.

The first fiber extraction unit was started in 1987 with De-fibering machineries. Mostly this unit processes green husks to produce white fiber. The second fiber extraction was started in 2008, to increase our production in brown fiber sector.

The coco peat obtained during this process is sieved with separate screener before transporting to the dumping yards for ageing and washing. This screener helps to separate any small unbroken husk pieces and cut fibers from the coco peat. The fiber produced from this process is dried and baled for sale.

We lay cut fibres on the floor before dumping coco peat for ageing and washing. The boundaries of dumping yard are covered with green shade nets to avoid any foreign contamination. Coco peat dumped are uniformly washed and dried in concrete yards. We have about 1.5 lakh sq ft of concrete yard in our facility for drying purpose. Husk chips produced are dumped in concrete yards for washing before they get dried. Sprinklers are used for uniform washing of Husk chips.

We own enough number of trucks to collect raw materials. Also tractors and front loaders for material handling. We have appointed individual supervisors in various stages of our production process to monitor the quality then and there. We have installed latest machineries to reduce man power and to increase production, which helps us to keep our lead time shorter.

As we are often ordered with special packings in 5kg block, we have planned enough space and machineries for shrink wrapping, strapping and palletizing before loading.