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    Coir Garden Articles are normally pots & Baskets which are made of natural coir fiber and rubber. Rubberized coir needle felts are used in hot press machines with different dies to form these pots & baskets. Mostly these are used in horticulture for ornamental purpose. We can supply these products in various sizes according to customer's need.

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  • Pots remain stable above ground for a year and biodegrade in the soil after 2-3 months.
  • Pots add texture to the soil as they degrade.
  • Plants grown in these pots benefit from air pruning.
  • Plant roots will grow through the pot walls, encouraging a strong root system.
  • Absorbs water better.
  • Moderates moisture and increase microbial activity.
  • High tensile strength and lignin content.
  • Environmentally Sustainable.
Product Seed Germination Cup Spanish Cup Coco Pot Coco Pot Coco Pot
Dia Top 6cm 10cm 12cm 15cm 20cm
Bottom Dia 3.5cm 4cm 8cm 11cm 15cm
Carton Size 55x55x60 55x55x60 55x55x60 55x55x60 88x44x64
Weight Per Carton 10 26 15 14 16
No. of Poles per Carton 1800 840 260 180 90
No. of Carton per 20ft Container 165 165 165 165 120
No. of Carton per 40ft Container 325 325 325 325 240
No. of pots per 20ft Container 2,97,000 1,38,600 42,900 29,700 10,800
No. of pots per 40ft Container 5,85,000 2,73,000 84,500 58,500 21,600
  • Some of these products are in brown (or) golden brown in colour.
  • These products are supplied with steel grills to hold them longer.
  • These products are always packed in carton boxes before palletizing them.
  • Minimum order quantity will be 10,000 pcs.